Attention International Customers

Minimum Order $250 U.S. (except Canada)

Due to the time it takes to process orders to foreign destinations we now ask that your minimum order be $250 or more. We wave this minimum for Canada.

We ask that you not complete the transaction by NOT entering your credit card information. It is okay to place an order and leave contact information. We will contact you with the revised shipping expenses on your order and obtain your credit card information. We will ship anywhere a U.S. company is allowed. You are responsible for any taxes, duties etc. on the receiving end which may be substantial. You need to check with your customs office before ordering. Shipping charges and insurance on systems may run as much as $200 (U.S.) or more additional on systems depending on how you choose to ship. We will give you the pricing on U.S. Mail, Fedex, and U.P.S. where applicable. Shipping must be insured, and all orders must be signed for.

Since many of our items have free freight or freight included (domestic) we have an allowance on each item. We will only charge you for the additional costs we incur shipping.

Payment must be made in U.S. dollars. Your order will not be processed until payment is fully processed and verified which may add considerable delay to your order. A valid email, phone number, and cardholder address are required and we must have complete shipping information. If your order is charged to a domestic account, we must have the cardholders phone number and bank to verify the payment before we ship. All charges have to clear.

Thanks for choosing Operator Headgap Systems, Inc. We want to make your International shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible and appreciate your cooperation.

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